Hi, I am Anna Krishnan.

I am married to my best friend, Daniel, and we have two super cool (and sassy) daughters, Elisha + Myra. We currently reside just outside of Madison, WI. I grew up in Nebraska and North Carolina, lived in South Sudan for a hot (literally) minute, and moved to California when I left the nest. I said I'd never come back to the midwest, but here I am; and although I whine about the winters, I find myself so fond of the people, sunsets, and hot dishes (that's 'sconsin for casserole).

My favorite things include: long drives, off-key singing sessions, The Office, awkward dance moves, and making people laugh. I'm a middle child, so if I'm not up to some wholesome mischief, I'm likely trying to make someone laugh. But I also deeply value heart to hearts and sincerity, so don't let my playfulness scare you. I am a dork, but I've got heart, grit, and a desire to turn even the most mundane moments into magic.

My passion for photography started when I was 8 and my older sister was an aspiring photographer. She had me model with some candles and my hair caught on fire. Ever since, I was determined to do it better (and safer! Ha!) And I'm proud to say, no one has ever caught fire under my watch, and I've stayed the course in my pursuit of photography.



“Anna is amazing. Her patience with children is fantastic, her presence is calming, and she goes with the flow and captures beautiful photos, both staged and candid. Her photos of my family grace my walls and christmas card every year. Thank you, Anna. We wont go to anyone else!”